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How To Series: Private Galleries

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Originally Aired: April 27, 2021

In this webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know about PhotoDay’s Capture App + Private Galleries.

  • What are the 3 different gallery access types? 3:12
  • What data will you need before utilizing private galleries and what are my options if I can’t get it beforehand? 3:56
  • How does AdvancePay work with private galleries? 7:10
  • Private galleries demo: 10:00
  • How do you create a private job? 11:03
  • Can I quickly set up a job with no data and input names into Capture at the shoot? 13:26
  • How can I set up AdvancePay for private galleries? 15:15
  • How do I set up bulk shipping with my private job? 16:22 53:27
  • How do I add my subject data? 18:28
  • Can I import phone numbers into PhotoDay and automatically opt them in? 19:43
  • Can I use data and images from a previous season for a new job? 20:34 1:00:42
  • What do I do if I have no data or emails prior to picture day? 21:18
  • What is the minimum required data to send access codes out?  23:02
  • How do I import my CSV? 24:06
  • What devices can run the Capture app? 25:40
  • How can I filter the data I am looking at in Capture? 28:23
  • Can I edit the data within the Capture app when I’m away from my computer? 30:38
  • How can I add more users to my account so they can use their device for Capture? 35:36
  • What happens once I upload my professional photos to my gallery? 38:43
  • What happens to photos with multiple people? 40:00
  • How do I feature my photos? 45:31
  • How do I get export files from my job? 47:41
  • How do I use auto-crop for my exports? 50:22
  • How do I send marketing flyers with individual access codes to each person’s email? 54:39
  • What does the customer gallery experience look like? 57:30