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How To Series: Price Sheets

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Originally Aired: April 20, 2021

In this webinar, we will walk you through everything you need to know about creating the optimal price sheet for selling online.

  • What changes can I make to my order form pricing when switching to online? 5:08
  • What points should I consider when setting up my pricing? 9:35
  • Price sheet quiz: 12:35
  • Where can I add new labs to my studio account? 21:06
  • Is there a bulk shipping order with PhotoDay? 22:47
  • How can I edit my price sheet title? 23:55
  • How do I add a la carte items to my price sheet? 25:37
  • Can I offer digital products through PhotoDay? 29:44
  • How can I see the shipping rates for my customers from each lab? 30:47
  • How do I create packages? 31:49
  • How can I attach my pricing to a gallery? 35:56
  • How can I feature certain products to stand out to my customers? 43:16
  • How will my pricing look to a customer during checkout? 44:00
  • Useful PhotoDay hacks: 49:53
  • How do I offer a free social sharing download with purchase of a package for a limited time? 50:04
  • How do I offer self-fulfilled products? 52:02