PhotoDay for Schools, Sports, & So Much More – Featuring Bulk Shipping

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Originally Aired: October 6, 2020

Cut your tethers, forget barcodes & QR codes, and ditch expensive software licenses. PhotoDay’s complete contact-less workflow uses the latest tech to power your studio and meet your customer’s expectations from capture to delivery. Join Lisa Mallis for this 60-minute walkthrough of PhotoDay’s Private Galleries + Capture App. Featuring Miller’s + PhotoDay’s newest feature, FREE overnight Bulk Shipping.

  • What is PhotoDay? 2:36
  • What are the average order values for the different categories of photography? 3:45
  • What type of different galleries does PhotoDay offer? 7:04
  • What are some key features of PD? 7:57
  • All about FaceFind: 8:04
  • How does the Capture app work in conjunction with private galleries? 9:38
  • What is AdvancePay? 13:50
  • How does PhotoDay text marketing work? 17:52
  • How does PhotoDay email marketing work? 20:51
  • PhotoDay Studio Panel Demo: 23:30
  • How do I set up a bulk price sheet? 26:01
  • How can I choose a category or theme for my job? 27:34
  • How do I set my bulk shipping specifications for a job? 28:46
  • How do I add people data to my private job? 31:06
  • Capture data: 34:54
  • How do I create a flyer to share info about my gallery to customers? 38:30
  • What happens when I upload images into a private gallery? 45:20
  • How does a published private gallery look from the customer’s perspective? 50:37
  • How are taxes collected from orders with PD? 54:28
  • Can you change a bulk shipping date? 56:25
  • How much does PhotoDay cost? 57:19