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How To Series: Group & Public Galleries

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Originally Aired: August 18, 2020

Join us for this 60 minute webinar where we cover the ins and outs of setting up both group and public jobs for success within PhotoDay. We’ll review all of the most recent features we have to offer, along with suggested sales and marketing strategies that apply to both of these gallery types!

  • What is the difference between public and group galleries? 4:26 44:49
  • How do I get started with creating a job? 5:55
  • How do I create an organization? 6:18
  • Why do I choose a time zone for my job? 8:07
  • How do I set up AdvancePay for my job? 13:19
  • How do I set an AdvancePay offer? 15:19
  • How do I choose an expiration date for my AdvancePay offer? 17:32
  • How do I set up my pricing? 20:40
  • Where can I find info on shipping rates with my lab of choice? 23:01
  • How can I feature certain products on my price sheet? 27:31
  • How do I create a package? 27:52
  • When do I choose the theme of my job for my products? 31:14
  • How do I change my job to AP status and what does it look like for customers? 32:18
  • What do I do when I am ready to upload photos? 34:02
  • What different ways can I export or share my marketing flyer within PD? 38:11
  • How do I tag my images? 40:21
  • What information can be found within Insights? 41:34
  • What do I do when I am ready to release my gallery to my customers? 42:18
  • How does my published gallery look to my customer? 43:29
  • What is a gallery promotion and how do I set it up? 45:40
  • Can I offer my photos for free? 47:08
  • What does checkout look like? 51:19
  • How can I alert my customers of offers? 53:33