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How To Series: Private Galleries

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Originally Aired: August 11, 2020

Cut your tethers, forget barcodes, and ditch expensive software licenses. We’ve got you covered – from charting your course, to lift-off and beyond!

  • What are the 3 gallery access types available? 5:24
  • When would private galleries be right/necessary for my job? 6:00
  • How do I set up my pricing? 7:15
  • How do I create an offer? 15:58
  • How do I set up an AdvancePay credit sheet? 18:00
  • How can I set up my private job? 18:44
  • How do I upload my roster of names for private galleries? 22:19
  • How can I send out my flyer to more than one email? 24:13
  • How can I use Capture offline at a job? 25:02
  • What do I do if I’d like to have multiple people using Capture at my shoot or give another member of my team permissions and a login to my studio account? 26:42
  • Capture app demo: 29:43
  • What can I do if professional photos don’t match to a reference photo? 38:55
  • How can you add more data to a job later? 39:31
  • How can ignore a face who doesn’t have a private gallery? 40:59
  • How and why do I feature photos? 42:25
  • How do I create a flyer for my private gallery? 44:55
  • How can I send out my flyers to each person individually? 47:05
  • How does my flyer look from a customer’s email perspective? 48:53
  • What does the post- picture day flyer look like? 50:33
  • What do I do if I don’t have email addresses to send my flyers out to? 51:23
  • What does the gallery look like in the app from my customer’s perspective? 53:57
  • Can I use private galleries if I didn’t use Capture? 58:37
  • How do I use auto-crop? 1:02:59
  • What exports are available with PhotoDay? 1:04:30
  • How do I put multiple flyers onto one sheet for printing? 1:08:59