Summer Series: Image is Everything with Justin and Jay

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Originally Aired: August 3, 2020

Join Justin Grafton & Jay Boatwright as they dive into how extraordinary your images need to be when taking your sales online.

  • Why is taking multiple poses/photos/styles important when using PD? 15:13
  • Justin and Jay’s lighting gear: 16:10
  • Who should I have with me at my PhotoDay shoot? 30:12
  • How will my workload shift with PhotoDay? 35:22
  • How much should I sell digital photos for? 37:58
  • Jay and Justin on travel teams and banners: 42:28
  • Outside of PhotoDay’s reports, what numbers are important to factor in? 50:21
  • Do Jay or Justin see pushback with parents paying for their own shipping? 53:18
  • How does Jay schedule his time slots for open studios? 57:52