How To PhotoDay: Richmond Pro Lab

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Originally Aired: June 24, 2020

Learn the ins and outs of setting up your first job for success with PhotoDay + Richmond.

In this one-hour webinar, Lisa Mallis will show you how to set up a successful picture day using the Richmond product catalog.

Topics Covered
  • PhotoDay Studio Panel: 3:15
  • What information do I need to put in when signing up for PD? 5:45
  • How will taxes be calculated and charged through PD? 5:56
  • How is payment processed? 7:22
  • How do I add my logo to be included in my PhotoDay storefront? 8:20
  • How do I add a watermark to the images in my gallery? 9:20
  • Does PhotoDay restrict screenshots? 9:28
  • How can I add other users to my PhotoDay studio account/Capture? 11:05
  • What type of communication does PhotoDay utilize to notify my customers? 14:22
  • Where can I find the educational tools that PhotoDay offers? 14:45
  • What is the best workflow for reconciling my taxes? 15:57
  • What are promos? 17:26
  • What is the organization feature? (wording?) 17:55
  • How do I create a job? 19:03
  • Where does the logo I upload when creating my job get displayed in my gallery? 19:05
  • What are the different gallery access types? 21:12
  • How can my customers access my PhotoDay galleries? 23:12
  • Can I change my gallery access type once I have chosen it? 25:55
  • How do I set up AdvancePay? 26:35
  • What is an AP offer? 29:43
  • Can people preview my prices while my gallery is in AdvancePay? 32:26
  • How do you create a price sheet? 33:25
  • Where can I check out the shipping rates for your lab? 34:18
  • How do I create packages? 35:07
  • Am I able to ship all orders from a job to one place? 45:16
  • How do I choose what graphic templates are available for my customers? 48:05
  • Does PhotoDay offer a way for me to market my gallery? 48:59
  • What type of sales resources does PD offer? 53:18
  • What support resources does PhotoDay offer? 54:47
  • How will be I be able to see who has opted in to my job? 56:48
  • What will my customer see if my gallery is in AdvancePay mode? 57:50
  • How do I upload my photos? 58:49
  • How can I organize my photos within gallery, & how are my customers able to search for photos? 58:50
  • How do I disable digital downloads for certain images? 1:01:03
  • How do I tag photos in my gallery? 1:01:18
  • What happens when I am ready to publish my gallery? 1:02:11
  • How will my gallery look when my customer goes online to purchase? 1:04:09
  • How can I view my orders? 1:08:42
  • How do I set up a private gallery? 1:11:11
  • How does Capture work with my private gallery? 1:16:16
  • How much does PhotoDay cost? 1:25:02