Results Series: Blazing Trails with Stella Crase

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Originally Aired: June 15, 2020

Join Stella Crase in this 60 minute webinar as she presents how a great strategy turns into rocketing sales. Stella will dive into her marketing strategy and results as well as compare her previous traditional picture days using paper forms to PhotoDay with the same organizations – from workflow all the way to profit.

Topics Covered
  • What was Stella’s business model and office workflow without PhotoDay? 7:08
  • What are some of the worries when considering taking your business online, and how can they be avoided? 17:02
  • Why should you take your business online? 19:59
  • What stops consumers from shopping online? 21:39
  • What are the five components of successfully selling online? 23:24
  • What are some good steps when getting started with taking your business online? 29:19
  • Why did Stella choose PhotoDay to start selling online? 33:58
  • How did Stella’s first time using PhotoDay go? 36:02
  • What was sent out to Stella’s contact for parents to help prepare for picture day? 37:38
  • PrePay versus PhotoDay results: 38:08
  • What has Stella changed as she has gone along with using PhotoDay? 43:34