Resilience Series: Open Studio with Jay Boatwright

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Originally Aired: May 28, 2020

What has PhotoDay’s Director of Education been up to lately? Photographing athletes, of course! Jay used his social presence to book sessions from his fans & followers. Join in live to find out how he did it, and his results!

Topics covered
  • What is Open Studio? 5:05
  • How has Jay used Facebook to connect with his customers and grab attention? 6:56
  • How doe he create the flyer to post to social media? 12:13
  • What time of day did the open studios take place? 13:43
  • How can you use Square to set up appointments? 17:05
  • How were the open studio images shot? 26:03
  • What pricing was used for the Open Studio gallery? 32:17
  • How does customer apply the $20 booking fee to their order since it was purchased outside PD? 34:38
  • What are the sales results for the open studios? 38:36
  • How much time was spent making these sessions happen? 40:02
  • What gallery access type is used? 42:24