Resilience Series: Operating In a Post Covid-19 World

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Originally Aired: May 21, 2020

Is your business ready for the new normal? Join former Director of Research for Consumer and Professional Markets at Kodak, Ed Monahan & VP of Business Development, Lisa Mallis for this 60 minute discussion on what’s in store for volume photographers, pro labs and customers in this post Covid world.

Topics Covered
  • About Ed Monahan: 1:18
  • What will the world be like moving forward from COVID-19? 4:04
  • How will the consumer demand change? 8:20
  • How are things going at PD doing the pandemic? 17:26
  • How are customers becoming more tech savvy, and what affects will this have on businesses? 24:00
  • How will this situation affect studios? 33:55
  • How can businesses create a safer environment and communicate it with customers? 39:53
  • How will supply and demand change in the post COVID-19 world? 48:59