What’s New With PhotoDay?

By May 12, 2020 August 11th, 2021 No Comments

Originally Aired: May 12, 2020

Multiple gallery types? Scheduled publishing? Live preview!? A lot has changed recently at PhotoDay, and keeping up with all the new additions can keep your head spinning! But fear not – we’re here to help. Join Lisa Mallis in this 45 minute webinar as she gives you a guided tour of all the latest features PhotoDay has added to make your picture day experience ridiculously convenient!

Topics covered
  • When and how did PhotoDay get started? 3:09
  • What’s new within your studio panel?
  • Tagging: 7:40
  • Scheduling publishing: 9:07
  • Seeing how many opted out within your insights: 9:13
  • Disabling digital downloads for certain images: 10:01
  • Adding logos to specific jobs: 10:47
  • Matching improvements: 11:34
  • Featured photo enhancements: 13:03
  • Auto-crop: 14:14
  • Exports offered for private galleries: 15:37
  • Changing the order of products and packages: 18:44
  • What is new on the customer’s end?
  • Live Preview: 20:09
  • Customers placing one order for multiple access codes within a private gallery: 21:02
  • Job logos displayed on galleries: 22:02
  • What is new on the PhotoDay app? 
  • Adding multiple AP quantities to one order: 23:13
  • What is new with the Capture app? 
  • Default to front camera option: 25:44
  • Create subject data without .csv file: 26:25
  • Updated Terms of Use: 28:12
  • What updates, webinars and features are coming next? 28:38