Resilience Series: The Front Steps Project

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Originally Aired: May 11, 2020

Ed & Kathleen Martin of LKN Images in North Carolina decided to give back to their local community with their very own version of The Front Steps Project. You’ll hear first hand how they have been safely easing back into the world of photography.

This exclusive 60 minute webinar is hosted by Jay Boatwright.

Topics Covered
  • What is the Front Steps Project? 5:14
  • How much money was raised by LKN Images for the Front Steps Project? 7:46
  • How did LKN Images ensure that all legal guidelines in place were being followed? 13:41
  • What marketing was used to get the project started? 17:25
  • How did they keep the data organized with the volume of families signing up? 21:00
  • What marketing channels were most successful for this project? 23:18
  • What was the communication workflow on the day of the shoot? 26:35
  • What is the best time to shoot these family shots? 35:10
  • What equipment was used at these sessions? 40:27
  • What posing strategies were used? 41:54
  • What is the routing software used for this project, and how has it streamlined your workflow? 48:27
  • After shooting is over, what is the post processing workflow? 57:23
  • How are images delivered to the families? 1:05:25