Kick-A$$ Marketing

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Originally Aired: April 28, 2020

Turn your studio on in 2020! Taking your business online doesn’t have to be complicated. In this 60 minute webinar, you’ll learn the four keys to success when it comes to selling your images online. You’ll walk away with a winning strategy, along with ideas on how you can implement PhotoDay successfully into your studio.

Topics covered
  • What if parents don’t have a smart phone? 4:46
  • What are the best ways to increase reviews for my company? 5:36
  • What are the keys to selling online? 8:26
  • How can I effectively communicate/market to customers? 15:18
  • How can I create engagement and excitement with my customers? 21:19
  • What are some things to remember when utilizing text message marketing? 25:34
  • How does AdvancePay improve your online selling experience? 30:26
  • What are some tips for creating packages that sell online? 32:07
  • How can I create a sense of urgency for my customers? 37:50
  • What are the different types of incentives? 45:25