Launch Your Studio with PhotoDay + Bay Photo

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Originally Aired: March 17, 2020

Are you ready to take a leap and try the new PhotoDay sales method but don’t know where to start?

Join us for this webinar and learn how you can use PhotoDay with Bay Photo on your upcoming spring jobs. With no order forms, lab submissions, or data entry, you’ll see how the PhotoDay workflow will save you lots of time and money – while providing the ultimate in mobile convenience for your customers.

In this one-hour webinar, Lisa Mallis will show you how to set up a successful picture day using the Bay product catalog. She’ll share the methods that have worked to maximize participation, increase order values, and drive more sales!

Topics covered
  • Why did Bay Photo decide to start partnering with PhotoDay? 4:20
  • What is PhotoDay all about? 5:35
  • Why transition to online sales? 6:29
  • How does PhotoDay help to market your online business? 7:58
  • What will PhotoDay look like to parents/customers? 9:00
  • What are you really selling when you go online? 13:26
  • What quality products and services are offered when using Bay Photo + PD?14:30
  • What are some results of selling online with PD? 15:21
  • What are some examples of using incentives with PD to get your customers excited to buy? 17:20
  • What happens if someone doesn’t have a phone/doesn’t want to use their phone? 19:07
  • How does PhotoDay work? 23:32
  • What information is displayed on the PhotoDay studio panel? 23:53
  • What sales resources are offered by PD? 25:17
  • What marketing materials does PD have available? 26:16
  • What information must I input to my account settings when getting started? 27:05
  • How can I upload my own logo and watermark to PD? 28:58
  • Can I add other users to the Capture app/my PhotoDay studio account? 30:22
  • Where can I find support resources for PD? 31:26
  • How do I set up my pricing? 33:54
  • Where can I find out the shipping rates for my lab of choosing? 34:26
  • How do I create packages? 35:59
  • How do my customers receive their purchased digital downloads? 43:18
  • How can I add a la carte items to my price sheet? 43:41
  • Can I add a la carte digital products? 46:37
  • Can I create discount offers to incentivize my customers? 47:18
  • Can I set up promos for my PD jobs? 47:55
  • How do I set up AdvancePay? 50:52
  • How do I set up a job? 52:19
  • What are the different gallery access types? 52:46
  • How can I view the activity going on with my gallery? 55:02
  • Can I create a customized marketing flyer to share with my customers? 55:15
  • How do I upload photos? 56:38
  • How can my customers find their photos within the gallery? 57:45
  • How do I set my price sheet to my job? 59:59
  • What do I do when I am finished uploading and ready to share my gallery with opt-ins? 1:00:29
  • How much does PhotoDay cost? 1:02:23