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Go Beyond with PhotoDay

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Originally Aired: March 10, 2020

Our vision to make picture day better is a simple one. However, the path is uncharted for most! Taking your business online can be frightening for some, but we will make sure you are armed with the tools to make it a success. And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone.

Join your guide Lisa Mallis as she leads you through the ins and outs of PhotoDay, ensuring your journey online is a smooth one!

Topics covered
  • What does PhotoDay look like for customers? 6:41
  • PhotoDay Results? 19:55
  • Does PhotoDay offer customer support? 30:28
  • What type of sales and marketing resources are offered? 32:06
  • Where can I add my logo and watermark to PhotoDay? 37:01
  • Can my photos be screenshotted? 37:36
  • How do I create a price sheet? 39:59
  • How do I figure out the shipping rates for the lab I choose? 41:01
  • How do I create a package? 42:27
  • How do I create discount offers? 48:16
  • How do I set up my AdvnacePay amounts? 49:55
  • Can I set up promos to go out to my jobs? 51:18
  • How do I set up my gallery? 52:08
  • What different types of galleries are there? 53:39
  • How do I attach my AdvanePay details to my job? 55:27
  • How do I create a flyer to promote my gallery? 56:31
  • What different info is displayed in insights? 58:01
  • How do I upload photos? 58:54
  • Can I choose which search options are available to my customers in a gallery? 1:01:45
  • How much does PhotoDay cost? 1:03:26