Launch Your Studio with PhotoDay + BRI

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Originally Aired: March 3, 2020

Are you ready to take a leap and try the new PhotoDay sales method but don’t know where to start?

Join us for this webinar and learn how you can use PhotoDay with Black River Imaging on your upcoming spring jobs. With no order forms, lab submissions, or data entry, you’ll see how the PhotoDay workflow will save you lots of time and money – while providing the ultimate in mobile convenience for your customers.

In this one-hour webinar, Lisa Mallis will show you how to set up a successful picture day using the BRI product catalog. She’ll share the methods that have worked to maximize participation, increase order values, and drive more sales!

Topics covered
  • What is PhotoDay all about? 5:20
  • Why go online with your business? 7:37
  • How can I market my business when I go online? 9:27
  • What is PhotoDay for parents placing orders? 11:01
  • What is your inventory when selling images online? 14:31
  • What quality products and services does BRI provide with PhotoDay? 16:36
  • What are some real results of selling on PhotoDay? 20:20
  • What is an example of the marketing resources that PhotoDay offers? 28:02
  • What if your customer does not use the full AdvancePay credit? 28:30
  • What type of sales and marketing resources are offered by PhotoDay? 30:32
  • Where can I edit my basic account info? 32:49
  • Where can I add my logo and watermark? 34:28
  • Where can I set up my pricing? 37:36
  • How can I limit the poses within my packages? 40:29
  • Can I highlight products in my storefront? 43:32
  • Where can I view the shipping rates for BRI or any other lab? 44:45
  • How do I set up AdvancePay credits? 45:35
  • Can you create special promos with PhotoDay? 47:30
  • How do I create a gallery? 48:45
  • What different gallery access types are there? 49:21
  • How do I set up my storefront for my gallery? 51:38
  • Where can I find out how many opt ins I have? 52:44
  • How can I create a flyer that promotes my gallery? 53:04
  • Can I choose in which ways my customers are able to search for their photos? 54:37
  • How do you upload photos? 56:12
  • How do I assign my pricing and theme to my gallery? 58:09