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How to PhotoDay

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Originally Aired: February 11, 2020

Ready to dive into PhotoDay but need a guiding hand? This webinar is for YOU!

We’ll go deep into the PhotoDay Studio Panel – showing you the entire PhotoDay process from beginning to end. We’re going to be doing everything from setting up your studio information, to creating price sheets and offers, all the way to uploading and tagging your photos. This is a live webinar, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that are on your mind. You won’t want to miss this!

Topics Covered
  • Where do I go if I have any PhotoDay questions? 3:38
  • What information is shown on your Studio Dashboard? 6:34
  • What sales and marketing tools does PhotoDay provide? 8:05
  • What different settings do I need to make sure I’ve reviewed on PhotoDay? 11:48
  • How do I add and change my logo and watermark? 17:08
  • How can I add other users for PhotoDay Capture? 18:59
  • How do I create my price sheet on PhotoDay? 20:07
  • Where do I find shipping info for the lab I’ve chosen? 22:20
  • How can I choose products to be highlighted or featured for customers to see? 31:38
  • How do I create offers within PhotoDay? 34:01
  • How do I set up my AdvancePay amounts? 37:15
  • How do I create a gallery? 40:32
  • What are the 3 gallery access types? 41:56
  • How do my customers access my gallery? 43:31
  • How do I set up AdvancePay on my job? 45:26
  • How do I choose the pricing I want for my job? 46:36
  • How can I create marketing material for my job? 47:40
  • What information can I view in my Job Insights? 49:29
  • How can I choose which ways my customers are able to search for photos? 52:12
  • How do I tag my photos automatically? 52:50
  • What happens once I publish the job? 56:22
  • Where can I find detailed reports of my PhotoDay sales? 57:43
  • Does FaceFind work for tiny faces in a big group? 1:02:03
  • What is the optimal image size to upload to PhotoDay? 1:03:21