Face Crop by Pixnub

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Originally Aired: December 9th, 2019

The word is out about Face Crop – Damon Bell’s newest software release! Here at PhotoDay, we value delivering solutions that make your workflow more efficient, and Face Crop does just that. Using facial recognition, this new software automatically crops individuals from their chins to the top of their heads – and it knows to include everything from bows, tall hair, graduation caps, or anything else being worn! If you’re looking for an easy and affordable cropping solution to deliver consistent head sizes for school pictures, then look no further.

Join Damon as he presents Face Crop in this 45 minute webinar, hosted by our very own Lisa. Keep your workflow streamlined from beginning to end by combining Pixnub products with PhotoDay!

Topics covered
  • What is Face Crop? 3:28
  • Can you use 2 presets with Face Crop at the same time? 12:34
  • If you have Portrait Crop is there a way to update it to Face Crop? 12:56
  • How much does Face Crop cost? 13:31
  • What is the difference between Face Crop and Portrait Crop? 16:30
  • Can you set the crop to a certain aspect ratio? 18:30