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File Organization and Uploading

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Originally Aired: December 3rd, 2019

Tagging, keywords, and FaceFind – oh my! Learn how to use PhotoDay’s technology to its maximum potential while saving time and improving your customer experience. Join PhotoDay’s customer success superstar Stephanie Gamble as she teaches you everything you need to know about organizing and uploading efficiently to PhotoDay – in just 45 minutes!

Topics Covered
  • What is Lightroom? 4:38
  • Once I have my images, where can I start? 7:36
  • How many times should I back up my images? 15:49
  • How can I use Lightroom to efficiently cull my images? 19:13
  • How can I use Lightroom keywords to organize/tag my photos in PhotoDay? 27:18
  • How can I use the syncing feature to speed up my editing process? 35:49
  • How do I export my photos for PhotoDay via Lightroom? 36:59
  •  What do I do once I’ve completed my photos and they are ready to be posted? 44:49
  • What are the requirements of images that can be uploaded to PD? 50:23
  • What do I do once I have all images and gallery settings uploaded/perfected? 52:50