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Group and Public Galleries

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Originally Aired: November 13th, 2019

Join us for this 45 minute webinar where we cover the ins and outs of setting up both group and public jobs for success within PhotoDay. We’ll review all of the most recent features we have to offer, along with suggested sales and marketing strategies that apply to both of these gallery types!

Topics Covered
  • What is the difference between public and group galleries? 3:44
  • What would be the ideal use cases for public or group galleries? 6:20
  • How do I create a group/public gallery? 7:20
  • How should I choose my access code/how do access codes work? 9:35
  • How and why do I set up AdvancePay? 11:12
  • What is the purpose of an AdvancePay offer and how does it work? 12:18
  • Can people see my packages and products when my gallery is in AdvancePay status? 13:50
  • What are the different gallery statuses? 14:59
  • How do I create a flyer for my gallery advertising AP? 17:22
  • Are there any other marketing/sales resources within PhotoDay? 22:23
  • What do I do once picture day has been executed? How does uploading work? 26:50
  •  How can I organize my photos within a group/public gallery? 31:45
  • Can I utilize only FaceFind in my gallery to help my customers find their photos? 32:15
  • Can I choose how my customers are able to find photos? 34:10
  • What happens once I publish a job? 35:39
  • Can parents combine multiple children in the group/public gallery? 38:25
  • How does FaceFind work for my customers? 39:21
  • How can I apply/customize a watermark on my photos? 43:17
  • What text messages automatically go out to opted in customers when I publish? 44:50