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Setting Up Private Galleries

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Originally Aired: November 12th, 2019

With the introduction of PhotoDay 2.0 has come one of our most requested features: Private Galleries. While PhotoDay has introduced three new gallery types, this one-hour webinar will take a deep dive into the intricacies of setting up a successful job using private galleries – allowing customers their own, individual viewing experience.


• Learn where and how to use PhotoDay’s private galleries
• Find out all about people data, how to get it, and how it’s used
• Explore the PhotoDay Capture mobile app workflow
• Discover how all of this comes together to provide your customers the privacy they expect for their photos, while still experiencing the ease of use while purchasing with PhotoDay

Topics Covered
  • Demo of Private gallery: 10:29
  • How do I upload my people data? 13:24
  • How does the group photo match in private galleries? 21:28
  • How do I manually match an image to a gallery? 25:06
  • How do I communicate/market my private galleries to the customers? 27:43
  • What type of data files can I export? 35:00
  • What if I don’t want to use the flyer system? 35:00 
  • What is the feature photo/what does it set as automatically? 37:00
  • Can you sort the flyers? 37:40
  • How do I print all the flyer PDFs? 38:06
  • How long should it take to receive an export file to my email? 39:15
  • Can we offer retouching/can we upload one photo and give customers the ability to change or choose the background? 41:36
  •  Is there an auto head-sizing feature within PhotoDay? 42:23 
  • Is there an option to ship all photos ordered in bulk to my studio/the organization? 43:26
  • Can a family with multiple kids get combined into one order with private galleries? 43:58