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Your Checklist to Success with Jay Boatwright

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Originally Aired: November 11th, 2019

In this hour long webinar, Jay will review the steps that make PhotoDay successful for smaX Photography and share real results. If your desk currently has stacks of paper forms and your voicemail box is full, then this webinar is just what you need. So get inspired, and get ready to move to a paperless online strategy that makes more money with less effort. Don’t let another season slip by!

Topics Covered
  • How has Jay Boatwright’s business changed by using PhotoDay? 6:12
  • What types of jobs are ideal to start introducing PhotoDay? 12:57
  • How can we communicate with the organization and customers to optimize awareness and sales? 14:51
  • How does Jay use AP offers to create an incentive for customers? 17:31
  • What is Jay’s process for picking and rendering photos after a shoot? 23:45
  • What type of results has Jay gotten by switching to PhotoDay? 29:15
  • What process does Jay use to capture many images of each athlete in a volume setting? 34:30
  • Has PhotoDay reduced the number of helpers needed on site? 44:16
  • How does Jay deal with customers that do not want online ordering? 46:30
  •  What strategies does Jay use to get customer’s attention after PhotoDay, before posting photos? 49:18
  • Are black and white images popular/worth it to include in a gallery? 51:15