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PhotoDay How To: AdvancePay

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Originally Aired: November 7th, 2019

This 45 minute webinar features an in-depth overview of PhotoDay’s exclusive AdvancePay feature – the new, efficient way to sell before picture day without limiting your sales potential.

Lisa will share tips and tricks to increase participation, expand use cases, along with incentivizing and educating both customers and organizations. This new marketing strategy is a win-win when executed successfully!

Topics Covered
  • What is AdvancePay? 4:25
  • How does AdvancePay work? 14:26
  • What if my customer does not use their AP credit? 17:42
  • How does AdvancePay payout work? 18:27
  • What does a customer see when my gallery is set to AdvancePay? 22:16 
  • How do I set up my job using AdvancePay/create a credit sheet? 28:27
  • What is an AdvancePay offer? 31:56
  • What does a gallery in AdvancePay status look like? 37:41
  • What are some results studios have gotten from utilizing AdvancePay? 38:49
  • Can we collect cash and give customer offer code towards the order as opposed to using AdvancePay? 47:44