Special Event Strategies with Haley Hamaker

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Originally Aired: November 4th, 2019

Do heavy printers, paper jams, software mishaps, and stacks of order forms give you nightmares? Join PhotoDay Trailblazer Haley Hamaker as she dives into how she converted her print-on-site events to PhotoDay, and earned more in sales with half the staff and effort. She’ll share her results and compare them with previous years, along with teach you how to create an affordable, easy to transport photo booth to complement upcoming events!

Topics Covered

  • How does Haley create a customized experience for when customers view her gallery? 8:43
  • How does Haley choose the right access codes for her jobs? 9:56
  • What type of marketing materials are used to get the word out about PhotoDay? 10:32
  • What materials do you use to make a lasting impression with potential accounts? 15:27
  • What program/process does Haley use to create her videos? 17:10
  • What are Haley’s results in doing a photoshoot the PhotoDay way instead of print on site? 22:58
  • What is Haley’s process for doing Easter Bunny/Santa photos using PhotoDay? 30:59
  • What different price sheets and progressions of pricing  does Haley use for the holiday shoots? 40:43
  • How does Haley price her a la carte items? 44:14
  • How does Haley sell targeted action shots using PhotoDay? 45:59
  • How does Haley’s photobooth work? 51:05
  • How does Haley utilize her photobooth for Capture? 56:26
  • Does Haley offer kickbacks to her accounts? 58:07