Getting Started

Getting Started with PhotoDay

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Originally Aired: November 5th, 2019

Ready to dive into PhotoDay but want some help getting started? This webinar is for YOU!

We’ll go deep into the PhotoDay Studio Panel – showing you how to set up your storefront for optimal sales. Then, we’ll show you different methods for setting up jobs to maximize participation, buy rates, and order values. This is a live webinar, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that are on your mind. Get ready to transform your business!

Topics Covered
  • What are some results of using PhotoDay, and what things were used to make it successful? 19:30
  • How are taxes collected from my PhotoDay sales? 36:40
  • How can I add a watermark to the photos in my galleries? 38:00
  • How do I set up my pricing/packages? 43:45
  • How can I restrict the number of poses my customer can choose within a package? 48:26
  • How can I figure out how much my lab charges for shipping/how long each tier of shipping takes? 50:05
  • How can I create offers for my galleries to entice my customers? 51:34
  • How do I set up my AdvancePay credit amounts? 53:02
  • What are promos and how do they work? 53:34
  • How do I set up my job? 54:43
  • What are the different gallery access types? 55:24
  • What different modes can my gallery be in, and what do they mean for my opt-ins? 57:06
  • How do I assign my price sheet to my job? 58:07
  •  What type of marketing tool is provided for my PhotoDay job to help get the word out? 1:00:20