Getting Started

Getting Started with PhotoDay

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Originally Aired: October 1, 2019

Ready to dive into PhotoDay but want some help getting started? This webinar is for YOU!

We’ll go deep into the PhotoDay Studio Panel – showing you how to set up your storefront for optimal sales. Then, we’ll show you different methods for setting up jobs to maximize participation, buy rates, and order values. This is a live webinar, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that are on your mind. Get ready to transform your business!

Topics Covered
  • What is the customer experience with PhotoDay (group gallery)? 9:25
  • How can I choose what job is right for starting out with PhotoDay? 15:03
  • What are the gallery access options and typical use cases for each one? 16:24
  • What type of marketing should be used for a PhotoDay shoot, and what marketing resources are provided within PhotoDay? 21:12
  • Private gallery experience demo: 29:30
  • Studio Panel demo: 35:43
  • How do I invite my staff to create an account for PhotoDay Capture? 42:47
  • Price Sheet demo: 44:20
  • Where can I find out what labs charge my customers for shipping? 44:50
  • Setting up packages and how many poses/different images a customer can pick: 47:03
  • Can I make a print within my package specifically a team photo? 47:30
  • How do I correct a customer mistake? 49:00
  • What kind of offers can you create for your PhotoDay jobs? 53:14
  • How do I set up a credit sheet for AP? 55:01
  • What are promos and how can I set them up? 56:48
  • How to set up my job? 57:35
  • Can I utilize private galleries with no roster beforehand? 1:01:01
  • When do I choose a theme for my job’s products? 1:02:20
  • Is there a way to use AP as a booking fee? 1:03:54
  • How do I upload my people data/how do I properly set up my CSV? 1:04:57
  • How does my job’s data sync onto my Capture app? 1:07:17
  • Can I utilize private galleries if I’ve already executed the event? 1:07:58
  • What can I do if my photos do not match? 1:08:39
  • How does matching team photos work within private galleries? 1:12:08
  • How do you communicate the individual access codes to each person? 1:11:52
  • What type of exports does PhotoDay offer? 1:15:44
  • Can I just utilize private galleries for the exports/checking in students, but use a group gallery to actually sell photos? 1:17:18