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Setting up AdvancePay + Price Sheets for Success!

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Originally Aired: August 27th, 2019

Are you new to PhotoDay this fall? Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to creating a price sheet? Do you need help with setting up or understanding AdvancePay?

Then this 45 minute “how to” webinar is for you! 

Join Lisa Mallis as she walks through everything you need to know about AdvancePay and Price Sheets. 

Topics Covered
  • How do I add my logo to my account/my AP credits? 6:07
  • Can I use AdvanceP as a booking fee? 10:40
  • How can I encourage my customers to purchase AdvancePay?  12:49
  • What offers can I use to incentivize AdvancePay? 15:20
  • What sort of marketing resources does PhotoDay offer? 31:05
  • What can my employees do to improve my customer’s experience? 32:28
  • How do I set up a price sheet? 35:28
  • How do I create packages that people want to buy? 36:11
  • What is the best way to offer digitals on PhotoDay? 42:57
  • How can I set up a minimum purchase value in PhotoDay? 45:50
  • Where can I find out how much shipping will cost for my customers? 47:59
  • How can I convert my galleries from views to purchases without expiring my gallery? 49:07
  • Can I limit how many poses my customer is able to put into a package? 52:06
  • How can I set up the free low-res download offer for my customers? 52:55
  • Why is it recommended not to expire a gallery? 1:00:41